Why this blog? Forming consciences for Faithful Citizenship

Mark 12:17 : Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's

This blog is a collection of:

> Articles from a variety of sources (CNN, Wall Street JournalWashington Times, Chicago Tribune), pointing toward an anti-Christian bias

> Quotes and videos from political candidates, including Clinton and vice president candidate, Kaine, on the needed "evolution" of religious institutions

> Thoughts from leaders including Attorney General of Oklahoma and a Princeton University professor demonstrating the acute risk to religious liberty

> Position papers from the US government's Civil Right Commission and outside political groups that will align to Clinton and try to change Christian teaching, illustrating their plans on how to do so

> Claims from groups that have already labeled parts of the Catholic Church, Catholic and Christian Universities and Christian symbols as "hate groups",  "places of shame" or "hate symbols"

> Movements to have Christian organizations loose "non-profit / tax-exempt" status, while revealing their donor names to the government

> Analysis of "Religious Liberty" in party platforms

My hope is those who care about how the Christian faith impacts society, will read as many of these articles as possible, in an effort to form consciences in advance of voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Upon my reading, I have drawn the conclusion that a Hillary presidency will lead to a significant weakening of Religious Liberty. 

You may draw a different conclusion. However, please take the time to review in detail what has been assembled and conclude for yourself.  

This election is the last chance we have to preserve our religious freedom. 

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